Repair your life with your golden genius

Are you living your your truth?

  • Do you experience non-physical pain and suffering that will not go away despite all the medication?

  • Are there somethings that are seriously missing in your life despite having obtained and achieved all your goals?

  • Are you sick of being told you should be “happy” all the time but your issues are all in your brain?

"He is a man who walks his talk while practicing a rare leadership quality"

What if you could awaken your Existing genius?

Wael Al Sayegh

Wael Al Sayegh

Living your true self is just the beginning. Sadly most people haven’t even started and may never even reach that point.

In many martial arts grading’s systems the student works their way down the ranks before arriving to black belt which is just the starting point of their true education. There is only so much you can do without a guide, teacher or mentor. Although they cannot do the work for you they can help you get further along the path than you could have done without them. The journey is long, so you might as well have company.

You know that not living your true life is not worth the price you are currently paying. Your health and wellbeing are priceless and not amount of “security” or financial “compensation” is enough to make it an accessible long term state of affairs.

I know what the feels like, iv been there and I can help.

How? In the following ways:

I can listen to your story and provide some honest feedback. I can recommend various resources, articles and programs that may help you. I may recommend a specific online course that I have designed myself or I may consider taking you on as mentee/disciple.

It all depends on where you are at the moment.  

As an experienced physical and spiritual culture coach that has worked with many people from many walks of life, I believe that every human is born with a unique purpose and gift that is needed for the time and place they are in. 

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you discover your purpose and gift, just schedule a quick call with me to see how I can help. No pressure and no obligation.

Because you don’t own time, and your’ already late...

How I Can Help

My courses will guide you towards authentic living and strengthen your connection to your deeper self.

I write about soul & self-authenticity and the struggles we need to go through to reach them.

I speak about a variety of topics related to self-realizations, awakenings and psycho-spirituality.

I'll show you how

"Proven to be insightful and has the ability to throw light on the real issues in a difficult situation."