I help brave souls access the wealth of their own spiritual inherence

My Story

I am living my authentic life. I have traveled through many realities before I arrived at where I am. I know what its like to live a life where everyone is telling you how lucky you are when in fact you are empty, sad and suffering inside. That is not your reality, that is not normal. I can help you discover that for yourself.


I have woven a parachute out of everything broken.

- William Stafford

The Story Of

Daggers and Pearls

I couldn’t sleep.

My brain would not slow down or switch off despite the fact that was physical, mentally and emotional tried. I accepted my insomniac reality and stopped fighting it.

I got out of bed and started to record my first free video offering. It was just me sharing my thoughts and views with whoever was watching or listening. It was more of an outpouring than any desire or wish to gain a following.

Thirty two episodes later I converted the videos into audio files and published it. Daggers and Pearls is my expression of Self Realization. The knowledge and experience I share through it is a result of over 20 years of active search and study.

I am living proof of what I teach.

About Me

I’m a poet, martial artist, and mentor. A no holds barred polite but direct coach in spiritual and physical practice.  I’m a lifelong student of the martial arts and strength training. I hold a black belt and coaching qualifications in several systems.
My journey began in 2005 when I left my comfortable soul seeping job. In 2011, I opened my Al Areen Martial Arts Training practice dictated to the physical health and mental wellbeing of the community.
I’m indigenous to the UAE and live in the inspirational city of Dubai with my wife and three children. reading and writing poetry is what you’ll find me doing in my spare time.

This is me at my present moment...
I'll share what's worked for me.

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Personal Coaching

I’ll help you find meaning in life beyond materialism. 

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